10 Granny Squares 30 Bags by Margaret Hubert

10 Granny Squares 30 Bags by Margaret Hubert
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Format:  Paperback
Number of pages:  128
Pattern Count:  10
EAN:  EAN9781589238947
Page Size:  216x216 mm
Publication:  13 April 2017
Author:  by Margaret Hubert
Publisher:  Quarto



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The granny square is the crocheter's foundation for countless projects and is
unparalleled for its portability, versatility, and endless variety. Using only 10 granny squares  Margaret shows how you can crochet 30 completely different bags. Each square is used three times with different yarns, color schemes, motif arrangements, and finishing treatments to create a wide assortment of handbags, totes, and carriers.
You'll be amazed at the versatility of these squares! From retro shoulder bags
to contemporary messenger bags, there are styles to suit every purpose and design preference. 10 Granny Squares 30 Bags will keep you crocheting bags
for everyone and every reason for years to come.